The Greatest Kindle Books Of All Time

The definitive list of the best Kindle Books - Fiction - of all time. Includes free and paid for books.

Available on Kindle. Also available on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android phone, PC or Mac by downloading the free Kindle E-reader app

We took six authoritative listings of the 100 greatest works of fiction (BBC Big Read, Modern Library, The Guardian/Observer, Great Books Guide, Best 100 Lists, The Greatest Books) and produced this ultimate listing of the greatest books available on Kindle.

(How we did it ++)

The List:

Items marked * are available in free editions. Not always easy to find on amazon's Kindle pages.

1.        George Orwell - 1984 cover George Orwell - 1984   Kindle US

2*.       Leo Tolstoy – War and Peace cover Leo Tolstoy – War and Peace     Kindle US

3*.       Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice cover Jane Austen – Pride and Prejudice     Kindle US

4*.      Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre cover Charlotte Bronte – Jane Eyre     Kindle US

5.        Joseph Heller – Catch-22 cover Joseph Heller – Catch-22    Kindle US

6.       Emily Bronte – Wuthering Heights cover Emily Bronte – Wuthering Heights     Kindle US

7.       J D Salinger -  The Catcher In The Rye cover J D Salinger - The Catcher In The Rye    
Not available on Kindle

8.       Miguel De Cervantes - Don Quixote  cover Miguel De Cervantes - Don Quixote     Kindle US

9*.      James Joyce – Ulysses cover James Joyce – Ulysses     Kindle US
Free but some text may be missing.

10.      F Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby cover F Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby    Kindle US

11.      Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita cover Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita    Kindle US

12*.     Fyodor Dostoyevsky – The Brothers Karamazov cover Fyodor Dostoyevsky – The Brothers Karamazov    Kindle US

13.      John Steinbeck – The Grapes Of Wrath cover John Steinbeck – The Grapes Of Wrath    Kindle US

14.      J R R Tolkien – The Lord Of The Rings cover J R R Tolkien – The Lord Of The Rings    Kindle US

15.      Harper Lee – To Kill A Mocking Bird cover Harper Lee – To Kill A Mocking Bird   
Currently not available on Kindle

16*.     Henry Fielding – Tom Jones cover Henry Fielding – Tom Jones    Kindle US

17*.     Mark Twain – The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn cover Mark Twain – The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn    Kindle US

18.      Aldous Huxley – Brave New World cover Aldous Huxley – Brave New World<    Kindle US

19*.     Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Crime And Punishment cover Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Crime And Punishment    Kindle US

20.       William Faulkner  - The Sound and the Fury  cover William Faulkner - The Sound and the Fury    
Currently not available on Kindle

21*.     Leo Tolstoy – Anna Karenina cover Leo Tolstoy – Anna Karenina    Kindle US

22*.     Jonathan Swift – Gulliver's Travels cover Jonathan Swift – Gulliver's Travels    Kindle US

23.       Gabriel García Márquez - One Hundred Years of Solitude cover Gabriel García Márquez - One Hundred Years of Solitude    Currently not available on Kindle

24*.     Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo cover Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo    Kindle US

25*.     Charles Dickens – Great Expectations cover Charles Dickens – Great Expectations    Kindle US

26.       Virginia Woolf – To The Lighthouse cover Virginia Woolf – To The Lighthouse    Kindle US

27.      Ralph Ellison – Invisible Man cover Ralph Ellison – Invisible Man  Kindle US

28*.     John Bunyan – The Pilgrim's Progress cover John Bunyan – The Pilgrim's Progress    Kindle US

29*.     Marcel Proust – Remembrance of Things Past cover Marcel Proust – Remembrance of Things Past    Kindle US

30.       Philip Pullman – His Dark Materials cover Philip Pullman – His Dark Materials   
Not currently available on Kindle

31*.      Daniel Defoe – The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe cover   Daniel Defoe – The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe    Kindle US

32*.     James James Joyce – A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man    Kindle US

33.       Thomas Thomas Mann The Magic Mountain    Not currently available on Kindle

34.       Douglas Douglas Adams – A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy     Kindle US

35*.     Henry Henry James – The Ambassodors     Kindle US

36.         J   J K Rowling – Harry Potter series    
Currently not available on Kindle

37.         William   William Faulkner - The Sound and the Fury    
Currently not available on Kindle

38*.     Herman Herman Melville – Moby Dick     Kindle US

39*.     Lawrence   Lawrence Sterne – Tristram Shandy     Kindle US

40.       A   A A Milne – Winnie The Pooh     Kindle US

41.        William   William Faulkner – Absolom! Absolom!    
Currently not available on Kindle

42.       Choderlos    Choderlos de Laclos – Dangerous Liaisons    Kindle US

43.       Arthur   Arthur Koestler – Darkness At Noon     Kindle US

44.       C    C S Lewis – The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe    Kindle US

45*.     D    D H Lawrence – Sons and Lovers    Kindle US

46.       George   George Orwell – Animal Farm    Kindle US

47*.     Mary   Mary Shelley – Frankenstein     Kindle US

48*.     Gustave   Gustave Flaubert – Madame Bovary     Kindle US

49*.     Thomas   Thomas Love Peacock – Nightmare Abbey     Kindle US

50.       Malcolm   Malcolm Lowry – Under The Volcano    Kindle US

51.       Honore   Honore de Balzac – The Black Sheep     Kindle US

52*.     Samuel   Samuel Butler – The Way Of All Flesh     Kindle US

53.       Henry   Henry James – The Wings of the Dove     Kindle US

54*.      George   George Elliot – Middlemarch     Kindle US

55.       Sebastian   Sebastian Faulks – Birdsong     Kindle US

56.       Stendhal   Stendhal – The Charterhouse of Parma     Kindle US

57.       Daphne   Daphne Du Maurier – Rebecca    
Not currently available on Kindle

58.       Robert   Robert Graves – I Claudius     Kindle US

59*.      Victor   Victor Hugo – Les Miserables     Kindle US

60.       Kenneth   Kenneth Graham – The Wind In The Willows     Kindle US

Of the 60, 25 are available in free Kindle editions

+ + How we did it - We took the Top 20 from each list and counted the number of times each book appeared in the six listings. Where there was a tie, we then looked at the position of each book in the lists. So, for example George Orwell 1984 and Leo Tolstoy War and Peace both appeared 4 times but 1984 had more higher positions than War and Peace and so came 1st while War and Peace came 2nd. We then looked at the books that appeared three times in the Top 20s from the six listings. Numbers 3 – 13 all appeared three times. This part of the list was then ranked in terms of relative position in the lists and placed in order. The same was done for those books that appeared twice and then once, in the Top 20s, again prioritising each in terms of overall ranking in that section. The result is a definitive listing of the greatest kindle books of all time. This produced a list of lists comprising 60 books.

Just a note on the difficulty of finding some books: The Kindle free classics editions are often out there on amazon Kindle Books but are often suspiciously difficult to find while paid for versions seem to pop up all over the place. So, as an example, searching for Herman Melville 'Moby Dick' reveals many paid for versions but no free version, even when searching Kindle Popular Classics or the amazon Herman Melville author page. The free version linked to here was eventually found as a customer recommendation at the foot of one of the pages! This revealed that the full title is 'Moby Dick, or, The Whale'. Searching Kindle Popular Classics with this title immediately brought up the free edition of the book. It seems the amazon search engine is very particular about full titles.

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