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Kindle book launch Saturday 10th September

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'A King in a Court of Fools begins with a book -- The Book of Tom -- a journal writing assignment from Tom Ryan's sixth-grade teacher, Sister Jeanne Lorette. That's what she called it. Tom called it punishment. In it, he chronicles the adventures of the Caswell Gang, a group of siblings and friends with two things in common -- their love of adventure and their allegiance to Tom, their king.

The 1950s book was misplaced a long time ago, and all the children have since grown up, but Harry, Tom's youngest brother, still remembers it and retells for us one of its stories in a nostalgic, heartwarming, and humorous way that will have you wishing for adventure, too.

'This was truly a pleasant book to read. I would probably have to classify it as humorous fiction, nostalgia, coming of age, or something like that, but that doesn't really do it justice. While reading about the adventures of Tom, his gang, and his family, I'd find myself transported back to my own childhood, reliving my memories of my adventures, my friends and my family. Then my mind would snap back to the book, only to find myself transported back to my own past again. Then I'd stop and have to talk to my wife, sharing a childhood story with her. I'd read a bit more, then have to call a brother or sister to talk about an event from our past. Tom's life was not the same as mine, but his story was able to bring back my own life story for me. Certainly not what you'd expect from a book, but that's what made it such a special book to read.

It may not be the type of book for everyone (what book is?), but it is like a free session with a hypnotist who is able to bring your childhood memories back to you by telling you the story of another child.

I think a lot of people are really going to enjoy this one. It's a light, fun read that will take you on an unexpected journey into your past.'

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Larry Enright said...

Thanks for hosting me, Seb. It is a light, fun read. I unfortunately couldn't include a paper weight with every eBook to hold it down, it's so light, but I'll leave that to the readers!

All the best,


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