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The With Love series orchestrators are proud to announce the release of our newest volume: After Dark. This incredible addition to the series enables us to continue to expand the reach of authors and artists around the world, by reaching a new fans. This anthology has a paranormal theme. This is not a horror collection, and it’s most certainly not full of goblins and all things you expect. Now, that’s not to say they aren’t in the anthology somewhere. It’s just to show you how unique this anthology is from the expected releases this time of year.

Within the pages of After Dark you’ll find incredible stories that will linger in your mind. All of them touch on a paranormal mind frame, creating some vivid images and unique emotions to get through. Most of these stories are simple people, like you or I, encountering unusual things in the most unexpected ways. There is one that will make you laugh, and another story that will churn your stomach for a time, but you won’t be able to put any of them down.

After Dark - An Anthology of short stories with a Paranormal theme. Sold to raise money to support the work of Medecins Sans Frontieres.

The Water Stain
By Gordon Bonnet.
A man driven mad by an impossible apparition.

A Walk in the Park.
By Isobel Herring.
Rick's recurring dream comes true.

Trolling for Loving.
By Stuart Nager.
When the toll booth operators go on strike, the trolls take over.

Halloween Blooms
by S. Ramos O’Briant.
It's a sin to steal from the dead.

Sweet Barn Air
by Matt Posner.
A huge secret in the barn casts shadows down the years.

An Act of Kindness
by Susan Roebuck.
Scarlet ribbons in once raven hair hide a terrible fate.

by Gillian Taber.
Afraid of her own reflection, for good reason.

Visible Signs
by Lisa Voogt.
Shown the error of his ways and given the means to make things right.

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