How was it for you in 2011? / Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2012

2011 was a momentus year in my writing career. As the New Year turned, I had just taken a step into the unknown – publishing my thriller 'Take No More' on Kindle. As that year ends, it's revealing to look back on what I have learned.

What's been good:

Number one, the community of indie writers and readers is wonderful and supportive. Thanks to you all. Too many to mention, but you know who you are. I have learned so much! And made many valuable friends – even though we have never met!

Second, that despite all the problems and wrinkles in the amazon KDP system that we all find so frustrating, the opportunity presented by amazon to indie writers should never be underestimated. Without that most of us would be at the mercies of a mainstream publishing world that is almost uniformly blinkered, condescending towards new talent and increasingly out of touch.

And I'm pleased to say that 'Take No More' is ending 2011 on a high, breaking into the US Top 100 Kindle ebook sales in Suspense and Mystery. Thanks once again to everyone who's helped to publicise the book and especially all those who have read and reviewed it.


There aren't many. One is that once you realise that if you don't promote your book no-one's going to ready it and hence there is little to gain but a sense of self-satisfaction in writing it, you have to spend real time promoting. I've sent nearly 7,000 tweets in the past year and well over 1,000 discussion board and Facebook posts. That time could have been used for completing my second novel, as yet untitled.

But you can't have everything and you certainly can't have what you aim for in the indie book world without working exceptionally hard. And that's how you meet all these wonderful people!

Best wishes for a happy, propersous and peaceful New Year!

Wishing you every success in 2012!


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