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Sibel Hodge, Romantic Comedy and Mystery author, calls in to give background on her book 'Healing Meditations for Surviving Grief and Loss'.

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Don't Let Life Get You Down:

We all have days where nothing is going right, or moments in our life that drag us down. The important thing is how we deal with the stresses and upheavals that living in the modern world places upon us. So if you have that sinking feeling, just remember that today’s bad news could be tomorrow’s opportunity. Repeating positive motivational quotes and mantras help me get through the the rough times. Here are some of mine...

Life is full of should haves. You can’t change the past, but the power to do anything is here, now.

Make the most of all your opportunities today. You never know which one will pay off.

It'll be OK in the end. If it's not OK, then it's not the end.

Laughter is a great stress management tool. Devote time to laugh throughout your day.

Success is just a state of mind. If you believe you can do something then you can ... but maybe not always the way you first thought.

Your potential is from infinity to beyond.

Don’t try to fail by failing to try.

Live for today, dream of tomorrow, learn from yesterday.

You are unique, so use your unique talent to your advantage.

Everything You touch is a success.

The meditations above, plus many more, are included in my new book Healing Meditations for Surviving Grief and Loss.

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