In preparation for the upcoming release of REGRET NO MORE by Seb Kirby, the second in the James Blake thriller series, the first volume TAKE NO MORE now has a brand new cover designed by David C Cassidy:

Take No More cover

If you enjoyed TAKE NO MORE, make sure to read REGRET NO MORE - the next exciting development in the James Blake series.

The mystery deepens as three years later the events in Florence return as a matter of life or death for James Blake and his family. A stolen Picasso used in an art swindle lies at the root of an international conspiracy that reaches into the life of a prominent US politician with devastating consequences not just for him but for so many of those caught up in the crime.

Wolfgang Heller, a ruthless assassin, is seeking to eliminate those who have any knowledge of the swindle. James has to leave the secure life he has established for himself and his family and make sense of how they have become involved in this new threat to their future.

REGRET NO MORE combines thrilling action with a thought provoking story line that will have you wondering what will happen next right to the very end.

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