REGRET NO MORE - The Opening Chapters

Read the first opening chapters of REGRET NO MORE, the second in the James Blake thriller series, right here, right now:

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No one is safe from the past

Regret No More cover

James Blake and his family were safe - until he received the phone call that meant they knew where he was. A stolen Picasso lies at the root of an international conspiracy that reaches into the life of a prominent US politician with devastating consequences not just for him but for so many of those caught up in the crime. Wolfgang Heller, a ruthless assassin, is seeking to eliminate those who have any knowledge of the theft. James Blake must come out of hiding and face the threats to himself and his family by putting himself on the line.

REGRET NO MORE combines thrilling action with a thought-provoking story line centred on international art crime.

This is the second in the James Blake thriller series. It can be read as a stand alone story but it is recommended for maximum enjoyment you should first read TAKE NO MORE, available at just 99c /77p during the launch of REGRET NO MORE.

Reader reviews of TAKE NO MORE:

'Memorable characters with murder, organised crime, Italy and art....'

'There is much to admire about Seb Kirby's knowledge of the art world and there's plotting and deceit in the criminal underworld to contend with too.'

'I really liked the main character, James Blake and his fearless pursuit of the truth.'

'I loved the inclusion of a more modern evil .... along with the search for lost classic art and the romantic tale of James Blake, who loved his wife very much...'

'Take great art of the Italian Renaissance, throw in a 21st century crime family reminiscent of the Borgias, a trace of darkness, a lot of murder and you have a good read for a rainy day....'

'Mystery and the arts - a great combo. The art world depiction was fascinating.... Made me want to visit the Louvre again.'

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